5 Best LED Flashlights for Under $20

best LED Flashlights

There are so many reliable LED flashlights that are under $20 that are perfect for everyday use. Most of these torches will be either penlight, mini-penlights or keychain-sized micro-lights. No matter what your need is, here are the top five best LED torches that will cost you $20 or less.

1. Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight

Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight 1


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These are fantastic penlights that you can easily carry by clipping on your pocket or your bag all day and you can take it out when you need light. This penlight has a new and brighter LED module. These penlights are made from aluminum and they come in several color options such as black, red and blue. They are high-quality torches that are rated to IPX4 standards to reinforce their quality. The torches have an LED output of about 48 lumens, this is quite bright for a torch so small. The torch can also run for an impressive 6.25 hours! The average price of this torch in most online stores is $20. The torch is totally worth the cost.

I have had this light for about a month now and I have been very impressed with it so far. I carry it every day when I am at work and find myself using it very often. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket but yet bright enough to light up a pretty good size room. Well worth the price!

2. Streamlight Microstream Mini-Penlight

Streamlight Microstream Mini-Penlight

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This is one of the most popular pocket-friendly penlights that also has an upgraded new and brighter LED light bulb. The new LED light bulb produces an output of 28 lumens, good enough for illuminating dark rooms and corners around the house, office or even your car. The torch can run for about 2.25 hours on continuous use. The torch is rated to IPX4 standards of quality. One of the best qualities of this torch is that it is water resistant meaning you can use it during rainy seasons without fear of damaging it. The average price for this torch is about $17.

Good flashlight overall but there are much better buys out there. Solid construction but the clip is worthless.

3. Fenix E01 Compact Flashlight

Fenix E01 Compact Flashlight

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This is a compact flashlight with an impressive 10 lumens output meaning it does produce bright light despite its size. The best part about this torch is that it can run for 21 hours on continuous use. That is almost an entire day of illumination. The torch is also available in a number of stylish colors. The torch is made of strong durable materials and is also waterproof. Its average price is between $13 and $16.

These are great keychain lights. Make sure you change the batteries often though as these lights seem to attract corrosion.

4. LRI Keychain Micro-Light

LRI PWK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light

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These lights are generally smaller than a modern car’s keychain and are the best choice if you want a torch that is discreet and portable. Though small they produce enough brightness for general illumination needs such as shining on an object near you or finding something in a small dark room. Inova Micro-Light and Photo Micro-Light have an average price of $8.

Always have a light when you need it–attach it to your keys and you’ll appreciate it many times over. Bright, easy to use, solidly made and convenient.

5. Fenix E05 R2 Compact Flashlight

Fenix E05 R2 Compact Flashlight


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This Fenix is brighter than the E01 model which makes it more costly as well. The torch has an output of 27 lumens and can run on a continuous time of about 2 hours 50 minutes. Just like its cousin the E01, this torch is waterproof and lives up to the IPX8 standards. The average price is of this flashlight is $20.

Excellent overall in quality and size – compact but bright light. The only downside is that the beam is not smooth/uniform. I would recommend a better quality reflector.