5 Essential Tips to Use Your Flashlight Better

Many people are not aware that a flashlight can be used in so many ways other than just as an emergency light. Here are five ways that you can use your flashlight for that you probably never thought of.

1. Find your Way in the Dark


We couldn’t do justice to this list if it did not involve the most obvious use for a flashlight, illuminating dark places.

  • You don’t always have to use your electric power to illuminate every room including the store.
  • You can save power by using a flashlight to find things in the dark in rooms that you don’t go into so often.
  • You don’t need a big powerful flashlight for this, any flashlight will do even the small pocket ones.

So instead of letting your flashlight just sit in its box, take it out sometimes and use it around the house for such small things.

2. Your Flashlight Doesn’t Need to Shine so Bright


When you are using your flashlight around the house maximize its use by using the lowest appropriate brightness setting possible instead of using the maximum setting. This way you save on battery and your flashlight gets to last and serve you longer.

Sometimes using a very bright setting to shine on things that are near you may actually end up working against you. Bright light causes a glare and you may end up not seeing what you were looking for making your flashlight useless.

3. Make it Easy to Find things On the Ground


So you dropped a pin on the floor, no really, a pin dropped and you need to find it. Even with normal electrical lighting when very tiny things fall on the ground it may not be so easy to find them but with a flashlight it becomes easy as you can shine light directly on the ground. This makes visibility very easy and you can be sure of finding your pin.

If you place your flashlight on the ground when it’s turned on it will create a beam on the area around it causing the pin that you dropped to form a shadow and that way you will be able to tell where it is. Quite a neat trick, right?

4. Stay Safe Always


Most tactical flashlights also double as self-defense weapons for most people who buy them and that’s why they are quite popular with security officers.

They are normally made from aluminum which is quite heavy making it a good tool to defend yourself just in case you are attacked. So you could actually have a self-defense weapon in your golf compartment and you’re not even aware.

Apart from using it to fight back you can use a flashlight to identify your attacker giving them fewer chances to attack you unawares. Shining your flashlight on an attacker’s eyes will also disorient them making them less powerful.

5. Need a Fire but Forgot Your Lighter?


So you went camping but forgot to pack your lighter but you have your flashlight in your dashboard? Well, you are in luck because you won’t have to sleep hungry and cold simply use your flashlight to start a fire. The process may seem hard, but it’s actually not. First remove the reflector from the head of the flashlight. Then gather some paper or small pieces of wood and reflect the sun’s rays on them using the flashlight reflector until you ignite a spark. Unfortunately, it will not work as fast as a lighter would so try be a little patient.

  • March 14, 2015
  • Tips
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