[Video] Best Rechargeable Led Flashlight For The Money

Hi, I didn’t know the universe of flashlights was so muddled, however, have a few inquiries for you folks.

I’m going to my family in India after numerous years and each time they’ve requested that I bring a decent quality, rechargeable spotlight (or light as they put it).

We’re agriculturists in India so the principle utilization will be to go out around evening time to check the fields and amid rainstorms (rainstorm) to verify the rice paddies haven’t overwhelmed, and so on.

I’ve been taking a gander at the Pelican 7060, Streamlight Stinger/Strion HP and might want to stay in that value range.

Good Features Must Have:

  1. Rugged (doesn’t have to go 10m submerged, yet in the event that dropped in shallow water and/ or presented to storm sort downpour, ought to have the capacity to turn out unscathed)
  2. Bright with a decent “toss” (ideally 100-200 yards (or is that asking excessively?)
  3. Rechargeable, with tolerable battery life (resembles 2 hours at around 185 lumens is normal)
  4. Preferably LED (unless you all suggest overall).