Best SureFire Flashlights In 2015

What are SureFire Flashlights?

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SureFire flashlights are among the best torches in the world. These flashlights are popular due to their powerful, reliable and efficient performance. The torches also have a compact and rugged design making it a number one choice for many.

These flashlights are designed to produce powerful light beams for maximum performance. The manufacturer combines technology and high-quality materials to produce well-performing flashlights that can perform under any lighting situations even the most extreme ones such as military missions. SureFire product can also endure the harshest weather conditions without getting ruined.

These torches are designed to produce brilliant rays that have no shadows, rings or hot spots. The light output of these torches is measured by lumens and not by the candlepower like some flashlights do. The best flashlights are always the ones that measure an output by lumens. Candlepower doesn’t give a true indication of light output, so always go for a flashlight that uses lumens to measure light output. Most of these flashlights produce extremely bright light with a bright spot measuring 6 inches in diameter and can illuminate a distance of 15 feet away.

How Can SureFire Flashlights help you?

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The SureFire flashlights are mainly helpful to people who depend a lot on flashlights for illumination. People who will find these torches especially useful are the military, police and security personnel, emergency and rescue personnel and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

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Advantages of SureFire Torches

  • The most important benefit of these torches is that they are made of aerospace aluminum alloy and finished with anodizing which is the second hardest metal after diamonds. This makes the torches very strong and will not damage easily.
  • They are also weatherproof and resistant to corrosion. The material used is also light making the torches lightweight as well. So you can have yourself a small but very powerful torch that you can easily carry with you all the time.
  • All SureFire illumination torches have an LED (Light Emitting Diode) light bulb as the source of light. LED technology is considered the best lighting technology because it does not produce gas or liquid components and so it is a clean source of light. LED light bulbs are also very durable and can last for up to 100,000 light years. LED light bulbs are durable as they are shock and vibration resistant. They are efficient in producing light as they produce pure white light with no infrared light giving you the desired light output and beams. Lastly LED light bulbs are the best because they produce light over a wide distance meaning you can illuminate objects near you and very far away from you.

The Cost

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There are different models of SureFire torches and their prices vary. The major influence of flashlight cost is the light output. The more powerful a torch is the most expensive it will be.

The other factor that will determine the price of a flashlight is the battery type. Rechargeable batteries tend to be more expensive than rechargeable ones. If you truly need a good flashlight don’t let the cost stop you, always choose quality over cost.

TOP 5 Best Surefire Flashlights to Buy

1. Surefire G2X Pro

Surefire G2X ProThe G2X Pro is a small but powerful flashlight made from the polymer a material that is resistant to scratches, corrosion, and abrasion. For optimum efficiency, the flashlight has an LED power bulb that produces two light outputs.

You can choose to use the maximum output of 320 lumens or the low output of 15 lumens. Both outputs are perfect depending on what purpose you are using the flashlight for. However, for extended battery performance, always use the low output if you do not need a super bright light.

To change outputs simply press the tail cap button. The flashlight has a secure comfortable grip to make holding it easy.


2. Surefire P2X Fury

Surefire P2X FuryThis is a compact flashlight weighing 5.7 ounces and measures 5.4 x 1.4 inches easily fitting in a pocket. Despite its small size, it is highly efficient with an output of 500 lumens.

The torch has two light output settings; the low output of 15 lumens and runs for 46 hours on use and the maximum output of 500 lumens which runs for 1.5 hours on use.

The torch is made from an aerospace aluminum body with an anodized finishing that is resistant to scratches, abrasion, and corrosion. To maximum light transmission, the flashlight has the micro-textured reflector that creates a smooth, optimized beam.

The flashlight is very durable and hardly ever gets damaged and so it comes with a lifetime warranty as you will hardly have to get it replaced.


3. Surefire 6PX Defender

Surefire 6PX DefenderThis flashlight has a crenelated Strike Bezel that you can use in emergency situations. The torch also has a click-type tail cap button that you can press for momentary on, constant on, or for off. All you have to do is to press the button to turn the torch on for a moment, twice to keep it constantly on and thrice to switch it off.

This torch as with all SureFire flashlights has an LED light bulb that is highly efficient in transmitting light. The light bulb is also highly durable and you may never have to replace it. This flashlight is easy to operate and has a powerful light output of 320 lumens.

The flashlight has a smooth design made from the highly durable aluminum material making the torch comfortable to hold with a secure, firm grip.


4. Surefire Ultra High Output LED Weaponlight

Surefire Ultra High Output LED WeaponlightThis model has a high-performance special LED light bulb that emits an output of 500 lumens. For optimum human vision, the bulb is designed to produce the yellowish-green spectrum.

The torch also has a meticulous TIR lens that produces a smooth, tight beam.

The torch has a simple design and to turn the torch on and off all you have to do to use the one-finger tail cap button, you do not need to alter grip to change from momentary on to constant on. The torch is weatherproof, scratch resistant and does not corrode even when exposed to water and moisture.


5. SureFire E2D Defender Ultra Dual Output LED Flashlight

SureFire E2D Defender Ultra Dual Output LED FlashlightThis lightweight, compact size flashlight has two output levels of 500 lumens on maximum light and 5 lumens for low light and extended runtime.

The flashlight has a TIR lens that produces a tight beam that has enough surround light for an extended illumination of a large area. The flashlight has a coated tempered window that is resistant to high impact and it maximizes light output efficiency.

The body of the flashlight is made from aluminum for durability. The flashlight has a dual-output tail cap that you can click to switch the torch to momentary-on high, constant-on high, or return to off.


No matter what the purpose of lighting is, if you want a powerful easy to carry the flashlight, you will never go wrong with a SureFire torch!