Comprehensive Guide to choose Best LED Flashlight Torch

LED Flashlight Torch 3

If you love the outdoors or you are a military or law enforcement officer it is paramount that you have a good flashlight. LED flashlights are normally the best choice. But what really makes an LED torch the best torch?

The Features

The best LED torches normally have the following features:

  1. Bezel

Bezel Flashlight

This is the metal casing that surrounds the lens at the front of the flashlight. You can easily unscrew a bezel to clean the lens or replace it if broken (this hardly happens though).

  1. Lens

Lens Flashlight

A lens can either be plastic or glass. It is located at the front of the torch. The work of the lens is to focus the light into a pattern (beam) either wide or narrow depending on the object you are focusing light on.

  1. Reflector

Reflector flashlight

The reflector can either be plastic or metal. The reflector helps to focus and direct light out through the lens. Having a good reflector is important because it makes sure that light is used efficiently and it does not go to waste.

  1. LED bulb

LED bulb flashlight

This is the light source for the torch. See below for more about light bulbs.

The Light Source

The light source is the electrical component that produces light. LED light sources last longer, use less power and have a more powerful output as compared to other types of light bulbs such as incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs also do not use a heated filament or a glass bulb making them more shock resistant and durable. Most LEDs also last way longer than other types of bulbs. They normally have a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more. This means that you will likely never have to replace your light bulb.

Flashlight Modes and Brightness

Most LED flashlights have different modes of brightness that you can choose from depending on your lighting needs. In some cases such as home use, you do not need a very bright light. Flexible modes allow you to set your torch to the necessary brightness helping you save battery life. Most LED torches have three brightness modes. The maximum mode which has an output of 250 lumen. This brightness is bright enough to blind someone. The second mode is the strobe with an output of 100 lumens. The last mode is the low mode with about 10 lumens at most. Some torches allow you to easily shift from one brightness setting to another. This means that you can begin at the maximum brightness, if you need bright light that is, and move to low setting as the battery of your torch drains off. This is because the lower setting does not need a lot of battery energy, meaning that your battery life will last longer.

Quality of Light Output

The quality of light that an LED torch produces is important. The advantage of flashlights with an LED bulb is that they will produce a uniform light that has a narrow color band. Other light sources such as the incandescent light bulbs produce varied quality of light distributed across a wider spectrum. This is why LED torches are always the best choice if you are looking for the most reliable, efficient and affordable flashlights.