Cree 7W 300LM Mini LED FlashlightDepending solely on electricity to provide lighting for your house is more like placing all your eggs in one basket. A wise person would always have an alternative source of light in the event something goes array.

Finding an alternative source of light, especially a flashlight can be quite a tricky thing to venture into. This is due to the fact that the market at the time is flooded with so many flashlight modules to choose from.

However, if you are searching for a flashlight that is not only highly portable, but also high on performance, then the cree 7w 300lm flashlight is definitely the wisest choice.

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Main Features

  • Design: steel body clip, mini palm size, and Waterproof
  • 300-lumen output and 100,000 long life LED
  • High-quality aluminum alloy
  • Focus adjustable with zoom in/out

Physical Features

  • Size: 3.7 inches in length x 1 inch width x 1 inch diameter
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Battery Type: One regular Double A or the rechargeable 3.7-volt battery but not included in purchase
  • Power / Lumens: 300 lumens on high
  • Body material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Mount: None


Why should you buy UltraFire@ Mini Led Flashlight?

The price

Cree 7W 300LM Mini LED Flashlight 2One of the most attractive deal makers about this light is how low I cost despite the exemplary performance. The flashlight is currently available for as low as $4 on Amazon. This is to be noticed as it is almost an over 70% discount on the actual price, all the more reason as to why you need to get this.

This is not to insinuate that the price correlates to the quality of light you get. The service is perfectly maintained. You don’t have to stress your pocket too much with this flashlight available all over.

The Design

In terms of size, it comes at 3.7inches and which is quite an impressive size as far as portability is concerned. This is to mean that you can place the flashlight in any available place in the house and also that you can carry out around instead of it being a household flashlight alone. Therefore, you can use it in your house, on a walk, on a ride on your bike or even when carrying out other activities such as hunting.

The Quality

The quality of light produced by such a tiny device is one that is astounding. At its size and price, it will provide you with 300 lumens. This is very impressive and affirmative to the fact that the price is not at all correlated to the performance. Due to their efficiency, they commonly used by rescue workers to locate survivors in tight spaces. On top of the high amount of lumens it provides, it also gives out a three light mode function. You can use the adjust function to change the amount of light you shine on a place at will.

Also, you can focus the light on a specific point not more than 200 feet away from where you are. The only setback is that there is no manual so you will just have to know your way around on your own.

The Battery

This flashlight runs on a battery-powered system. With a lithium double A battery you can enjoy three straight hours of light, however, after the first two hours, the flashlight becomes a bit dim. This will obviously alert you that you have probably an hour of light left before it gives up. However, you can have the flashlight running on rechargeable batteries as well. The rechargeable battery is the 3.7-volt battery that you have to buy separately from the flashlight.

When it comes to the aesthetics part of the design, the flashlight comes in an all black appearance that is casual for all sorts of people and occasion. The flashlight also comes with a removable belt clip that counts for the missing mount or lanyard. Despite the fact that the fact that the flashlight lacks a manual as earlier said, you will definitely not have a hard time with it. As a matter of fact, most of the recent customers have rated the service they got at 4.3. This is more than a deal closer in this section.


With Amazon, the CREE 300 LM Mini LED Flashlight gains 4.3/5 star evaluations. The genuine clincher for this electric lamp is the low cost and the spotlight’s brilliance. It would be elusive another electric lamp that approaches this CREE model aside from another CREE spotlight. Unquestionably, this is an absolute necessity purchase and a manager.