OxyLED MD50 Cree 500 1Flashlights are one of the most important things to consider having in your house. This is of course to ensure that you always have a plan B, in the event that there is unannounced electricity black out.

It would be embarrassing to have yourself groping around the whole house simply because you don’t have a flashlight around. Therefore, for you to avoid such a scenario, then you definitely need to have a flashlight to have your back always.

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Due to the demand for flashlights as a lighting alternative, there has been a lot of improvement in that kind of technology as manufacturers try to make out better lighting solutions. The current technology is one that incorporates the use of LED technology.

As all flashlights might have almost the same characteristics, the best to go for at the moment would be the cree OxyLED MD50. This is of course if you want a flashlight that will not only provide you with good light, but also a bright light for long periods of time. The following are some of the unique features to expect in this flashlight brand:


  • The flashlight comes with a 500 lumen LED strength that is guaranteed to give you the ultimate power supply for your household.
  • It also comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that is also removable. The removability comes in handy when you want to switch from the rechargeable battery to AAA batteries.
  • It is also able to operate on a 26650 cell.
  • It comes with a spherical lens that is used that is mainly used in adjusting the brightness of the flashlight.
  • Lastly, the flashlights comes along with an 18650 sleeve and lithium ion cell that are accompanied with an AC wall charger.

Other features that come with the flashlight include a tube for placing the battery and in the event you want to use AAA batteries, there is also a holder in place. For those that need a manual, it’s present and also there is a warranty card for any kind of situation.

Performance of the flashlight

OxyLED MD50 Cree 500 4

Light– the flashlight LED uses Cree’s T6 source to provide you with 500 lumens worth of light. This is a very strong light output for you and also this guarantees you that you will enjoy the services of this flashlight for quite a long time.

OxyLED MD50 Cree 500 2

Focus– this flashlight is unique when it comes to focus capabilities for its light. With this flashlight you will be able to manipulate the amount of light that you want to direct at a point by use of the pull/push focus run that the device comes with.

OxyLED MD50 Cree 500 3

Brightness level– the flashlight comes with various light levels for you to choose from. You can adjust it to three main blue light brightness levels. However, the flashlight also comes with two additional light modes. These include the strobe and SOS modes. These versions are usually referred to as disco lights by most people.

OxyLED MD50 Cree 500 5

Lifespan– the durability of the flashlight is one that will definitely amaze you. The LED bulb in the flashlight is estimated to last about 50,000 hours of lighting. Therefore, you are rest assured that you have a lot of time before you start thinking of purchasing another flashlight for your household.

Water resistant– in some of the cases you might not just end up using your flashlight in your house only but also in other circumstances. This is one of the reason the cree OxyLED MD50 comes with an IPX-6 feature that makes it compact and not penetrable by water. This also comes in handy in protecting your flashlight from damage by dust as well. Therefore, you should definitely get yourself one of these for all seasons and uses.


With all the above features and performance capabilities, it’s impossible for you to look anywhere else. Therefore, choosing this flashlight is making an informed choice for the present and the future.