Dorcy 41-4750 – Best LED Flashlight

What is Product About? How Can It Help You?

Dorcy 41-4750 1Do you keep experiencing power blackouts or are you an outdoor person who frequently goes camping or hiking and you need a torch you light your path?

You need something that is not expensive, a torch that is powerful and that is portable, such as the Dorcy 41-4750.

This torch is very light, weighing just 6.8 ounces but, don’t let the size fool you. The flashlight is very powerful and produces an output of 180 lumens. The torch can be very useful for all outdoor activities, security personnel also finds it useful and also if you want a torch to use around the home, the Dorcy will be a perfect choice.

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The torch can be very useful for all outdoor activities, security personnel also finds it useful and also if you want a torch to use around the home, the Dorcy will be a perfect choice.

Features & Bonus

Sleek Design

Dorcy 41-4750 2

The torch has a sleek design that makes it easy to carry on you. It is not only light but also made with plastic and thus giving you an easy grip hold making it a perfect anti-slip torch meaning it will not easily slip off your hands unless you’re careless with it. It has a square and flat bottom that you can use as a hammer turning it into a perfect tactical light for a while.

Powerful Lighting

Dorcy 41-4750 3

The flashlight produces an output of 180 lumens and can illuminate an area over 500 feet away with its powerful beam. To power, it simply uses four AA batteries and you will have about 3 hours of light on continuous use. Not bad at all, you can get quite a lot done in 3 hours! You can also extend the battery life to up to 5 hours by reducing the brightness if you are in a situation where you do not need so much light.

Powerful LED Bulb

Dorcy 41-4750 4

The torch has a LED light bulb located at the back of the reflector. The position of the LED bulb makes it produce a more focused beam making it easy to focus light on far away objects. The LED bulb also produces spill light that makes it easy to focus on near objects.


The torch is made of hard plastic that is resistant to excess heat. The plastic is also resistant to breakage even if it is being used in extreme harsh conditions. No matter how many times the torch falls it will not break and neither will the light go off. This is, however, not an excuse to be careless with your flashlight. The Dorcy flashlight is also water resistant and you can, therefore, use it outside in the rain without ruining it. It is however not designed to be used underwater, so don’t try it.

The Good

  • The greatest advantage of the Dorcy torch is that it is very portable and powerful. Its sleek design makes it easy for you to carry the torch around with so much ease. It will provide you with optimum light without being a burden for you.
  • Another advantage is that this powerful torch is very affordable. For just $20 you will have yourself a very powerful and reliable flashlight.

The Bad

  • The only disadvantage of this torch is that it is not rechargeable. You will have to have a couple of spare batteries just in case the ones you are using run out as you cannot recharge them so you have to keep buying new batteries.

Should You Buy It?

When I first got this flashlight, I gave it only 3 stars because it seemed so flimsy. Well, guess what? It has held up nicely under farming conditions, and I purchased another. It was invaluable during the late winter when we were checking cows about to cave in the middle of the night.

They last several months before the light gets run down enough to replace batteries. In fact, I don’t think I have yet replaced the batteries with the one I got about 4 months ago. I would highly recommend this over rechargeable flashlights that only last 4 or 5 days before running down. They really are quite bright.


Purchased this flashlight for myself very impressed really throws out a beam. My relatives were on their way to a late night fishing trip and it passed Cousin Charles inspection! He’s an avid hunter fisherman and he owns several flashlights and he stated, ” Mike order me one of these!” So if it passes his inspection it has to be good ! smile! Cousin Emma and Glinda requested one also so I purchased two more plus the spotlight Dorcy model! Lightweight really lights up the night! Can’t go wrong here! We are on 2 acres and we checked the fence line perimeter with this flashlight!!!!

Dorcy 41-4750 5