REDLINE 5620 310 LUMEN 4X ZOOM TITANIUM 2I work with tight areas and water. I thought the compact style and the magnetic end would work great for me since I’m sometimes working by myself and need two hands.

My second time using the light it got wet and immediately shorted out. Water got into the casing as well as the light element and never got back to proper working order. The only redeeming aspect was that Nebo took it back and sent me a replacement relatively quickly.

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First impression

From the price tag to the real thing the Nebo flashlight is amazing. The flashlight is pretty inexpensive only and it will impress you from the moment you unpack it. It is made of full metal, very hard bodied and it is very light you can carry it anywhere with a lot of ease.

Bad to the bone

REDLINE 5620 310 LUMEN 4X ZOOM TITANIUMReliable: This torch is a very reliable tactical light that you can mount on your handgun without blocking your view because it is very small and compact.

Perfect Fit: The flashlight will fit perfectly on your handgun using any type of mount that you have. You don’t have to worry about it slipping off its mount as the flashlight has deep grooves that help to hold it in place with a firm grip.

Tactical product: This flashlight is not only good for your handgun but is also a very effective tactical flashlight that you can use as a weapon should you find yourself in danger. The torch has actually been nicknamed the “aggressive tactical flashlight.” With its metal body and a crown at the top of its head, the torch becomes a very good blunt object to fighting off an attacker. You can also use its powerful brightness to instantly blind an attacker making them less dangerous and easy to fight off.

Glow: If you are not using the flashlight for mounting on your handgun but for other uses such as lighting around the house, you can use the light on hands free as it has a magnetic base and you can place it on any metallic surface and it will not fall off. Another badass feature of this torch is the glow in the dark button with a single click operation. This feature enables you to keep the light on without having to hold onto the on a button all the time. The glow in the dark feature also helps in finding the flashlight easily in the dark.

Great Power and Variable Settings


The light is powered by a large LED light bulb that produces an incredible 220 lumens light output and has a guaranteed life of over 110,000 light hours meaning you don’t have to replace the light bulb at all. You can clearly focus a beam at a distance of 150 yards using this light. The light has three brightness options. The high option that produces the maximum 220 lumens and can focus on a 150 yards range, the medium option that produces an output of 110 lumens at a focus on 65 yards, and the low option with an output of 22 lumens with a 30 yards focus. The Nebo flashlight uses 3 AAA batteries to power up. The batteries are easy to replace but not rechargeable, though.

The good thing about the Nebo tactical flashlight is that you can easily adjust the beam to focus on either near or far objects without necessarily wasting the light’s battery. The torch has a bezel counter that you twist to adjust brightness. If you turn it anti-clockwise you will get a spotlight for focusing near objects and if you want to focus on far away objects, turn it clockwise to get a floodlight beam.


  • Very Bright!
  • Durable
  • You can adjust beam easily from wide to narrow
  • Projects light is extremely far
  • Even without noticeable difference in narrow or wide beam, light is still distributed
  • Magnetic back is strong
  • White light shows colors clearly
  • Small enough to put into a pocket


  • Makes a very faint, high-pitched noise in brightest 2 modes (very high frequency – may not be noticeable to everyone)
  • Not exactly comfortable to hold in the hand – lots of angular metal
  • Could be lighter

Should You Buy It?

OK, folks if you ever buy a flashlight this is the one. This light is so versatile and the beam is unbelievable. I can’t imagine what the really strong one does. Even the box it comes in is first class. I keep it next to my bed (criminal types are going through cars on the street these days and this light shines clear down the street to illuminate the critters when I hear them). I have one in the RV and probably will buy the real strong one just for curiosity.

Conclusion: This is the brightest flashlight for its size that I’ve ever used. I have two of them and am going to pick up a few more.