Streamlight 78014 – Best Rechargeable Flashlight

When some one says,”I need some light”, the ultra stinger has plenty of power! The shipping dept. did a fantastic job ref. my order. The stinger was delieverd very timely. This light is very light and compact with tremendous candelpower. I have compaired it to other lights(some by Streamlight)and I was amazed at it’s performance. Streamlight,you’ve out done your self!

Streamlight 78014 1

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The In-depth Review Of Streamlight 78014

  • Looks and Feels Light, but Sturdy

The Streamlight 78014 is a very light metal torch with a compact design weighing 16.1 ounces and measuring 11-3/4 inches in length. With its sleek design the flashlight can fit in a backpack, a travel bag, car dashboard, a tool bag, and many more. Though the flashlight is small in size, it is actually very powerful and produces up to 295 lumens of light and can last up to one hour on continuous use. This powerful output ability makes the torch ideal for use in law enforcement, emergency rescue, industrial, outdoor and personal use.

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Due to its small size, one may mistake this torch to be fragile. However, it is quite a sturdy torch made of aircraft grade aluminum, and can hence withstand extreme pressure. It also has an anodized finish to protect it from corrosion and makes it ant-scratch. It also has a non-slip feature to offer you a firm grip hold. The lens of the torch is made of polycarbonate making it virtually imperishable. No wonder it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The flashlight is designed to give you more convenience and ease in use. It thus has the on/off button mounted on the head for easy access. You can hard press the button for constant-on mode or lightly press for a momentary-on mode.

  • No Batteries Needed

Unlike with most flashlights, the Streamlight 78014 does not require replaceable batteries as it has an inbuilt nickel-cadmium 6V rechargeable battery. You do not need to unscrew it to put in batteries. You can start using this torch immediately you unpack it after purchase.

Streamlight 78014 2

And if the battery runs out all you have to do is plug it in to a power source and charge it. The torch actually comes with two chargers, one with a regular adapter plug and the other one has small plug that you can use on your car cigarette lighter so you can charge your torch when you are on the road. You can recharge the battery up to 1,000 times. This saves you money and time.

Disadvantages of the Stream Light 78014 Flashlight:

  • No Spare Bulb

The major disadvantage of this type of torch is that it doesn’t come with a replacement bulb. Since the flashlight’s xenon-halogen, gas-filled, bi-pin bulb gets super-hot after using it for a long time, it can sometimes go off without warning. A spare bulb would thus make so much sense so that if you are in an emergency situation and the bulb bails on you, you can simply replace it with a spare one. Unfortunately no spare is available and you have to hope it doesn’t stop working when you need it most.

  • Heats Up Fast

The other disadvantage of the Streamlight is that it can get quite hot after long use. Since it is made of metal, when it get hot it becomes quite uncomfortable to hold making use difficult. This is really a big downside for people such as security officers who need to use their flashlights all night.

Should You Buy It?

Streamlight 78014 1This is an awesome flashlight. If you want a police flashlight that is capable of throwing a focused beam a very long distance then this is the light for you. Brighter yet smaller and lighter weight than the famous MagChargers. The Ultrastinger has a better beam even at the widest “flood” adjustment than the MagCharger as well due to its partially stippled (orange peel texture) reflector. Though the flood adjustment is certainly not the strong point of this light.

That would definitely be its long-throwing capabilities which you really have to see to appreciate! The only thing I would change if I was Streamlight would be to design it with Lithium-Ion batteries instead of the Ni-Cads. Still though, the Ni-Cads are supposedly pretty good, and not prone to “memory” if you believe the data provided in the manual. And plus they’re pretty cheap to replace if they do wear out.

Conclusion: As for cost, yes it is a more expensive flash light, but in the long run. If you add in the costs of batteries and light bulbs for a Maglite or something equivalent you will probably end up spending around $100(including the flashlight) over 2 years anyways; which is on average what Amazon sells the Ultra Stinger for in the first place.