The Best LED Work Lights In 2015

Best Work LightWork lights, as the name suggests, are lights that are used for the purpose of lighting work sites. They are very intense and they come in different styles. They also have different types of bulbs such as incandescent, halogen or Light emitting Diodes (LED).

Work lights may sound as unnecessary, but they are in fact very important for people who work in workshops, construction sites, assembly sites, and so on. Such workplaces normally have worked that is detailed oriented and the worker needs ample light in order to ensure that every detail has been implemented.

If you do not have good lighting you might be unable to see what you are doing and, therefore, be unable to finish your work as planned. Work lights are not just your everyday lights, these are powerful, bright lights that are able to illuminate an entire work site.

Work Light Buyer’s Guide

There are many work lights in the market today and you might find yourself confused on which one to get. Before you settle on a particular light, here are a few factors that you should consider:

To LED or Not to LED

LED Lights

LEDs are currently the most popular types of light bulbs for most lights. They are also the most preferred bulbs due to their advantage over the other types of bulbs. LEDs are cost effective and they save energy compared to other bulbs types. LEDs are long lasting and they can last up to 5 times more than other types of bulbs such as the incandescent bulbs. In most cases, you will find that an LED bulb will last over ten years before you have to change it.

The advantages:

  • Compared to other bulbs that cannot last even a year, you will save money on replacements. The LED bulb is also very easy to maintain and requires little to no maintenance because it does not have a filament or any moving parts and will thus not damage easily.
  • You will find that most bulbs heat up your premise. This is because they normally produce a lot of heat. LEDs however, produce very little heat and will therefore not overheat your premise or ruin the environment with Ultra-Violent rays. LEDs are energy saving as they use almost 80% less energy to produce an equal amount of brightness that is produced by an incandescent bulb.
  • The other advantage of the LED bulbs is that they achieve full brightness immediately they are switched on, unlike other bulbs that take a couple of minutes to warm up. From these advantages, the answer is quite simple: you should LED. In other words, when buying work lights go for those with LED bulbs.
  • They may be more costly than other work lights, but they are definitely worth every penny you spend because they are efficient and long lasting.

Power Consumption

Power Consumption Lights

Work lights will typically either be powered electrically or using a battery. The advantage of battery powered work lights is that they will not necessarily need a cord and can thus be placed or moved anywhere anytime.

On the other hand, the advantage of electrically powered work lights is that they have unlimited power supply. Either of the two can do depending on your lighting needs. The most important factor to consider is the power consumption of the bulb in your work lights. LEDs are the most efficient types on bulbs when it comes to power consumption. Most LED bulbs produce up to 600 lumens providing you with amazing illumination for you to work efficiently. This is all will consuming very little energy and that is why they are able to last for so long. Some LED bulbs can last best LED Work Lights 3up to 100,000 light hours.

Long Lasting

LEDs will typically last way longer than all other types of bulbs. On average, an LED light bulb will last approximately between 50,000 to 70,000 hours. Apart from producing light for long periods of time, the LEDs are also quite hard to damage. They do not break easily and they do not have a filament like other bulbs which is prone to damage.

Unit Cost

Work lights with LED bulbs will definitely be more expensive to buy when compared to other light bulbs. However, at the end of the day you will end up saving money because one they will use less energy and, therefore, your power bills will not be high and two they are long lasting and if you have to replace them this will probably be after ten years. If you get the other types of light bulbs be prepared to pay high electrical bills and replace the bulbs every couple of months. So generally the unit cost of an LED work light, over time, becomes cheaper than say a CFL work light.

Corded vs. Cordless


You can choose to buy a corded or a cordless work light. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The one you will settle on will majorly be determined by how you intend to use the work lights. Work lights with a cord mean that you have them connected to an electrical source and you have to drag the cord around. The advantage of a corded work light is that you will never run out of power as long has you have it connected to an electrical source. The disadvantage though is that the cord may sometimes be too small to be convenient.

Cordless work lights are normally battery charged and are more convenient if you need to move the light around. The disadvantage of a cordless light is that you may have problems if the battery runs out in the middle of work.


When it comes to lighting a workplace brightness is very important because what use is a light if it cannot offer you the ample illumination that you need to do your work efficiently? The amount of brightness that is good will, however, depend on what you intend to use the light for. Some lights may be too bright while others may be too dim so pick wisely. When buying a light remember that the brighter the light the more expensive it will be. But do not substitute efficiency for a cost.

Physical Configuration

When you are buying a work light you should consider where you will be installing the light. This aspect is important because it will determine the type of light that you will buy. You will sometimes find yourself working in areas where you might have to crawl or the workspace is too small that you do not have somewhere to place your light and instead you have to drag it with you. In such an instance, you are better off buying a cordless light instead of a corded one. If your workplace is varied, you might want to buy different types of work lights instead of going for just one type.

Top 5 LED Work Lights

There are very many brands of work lights in the market due to their recent increased popularity. We scanned the market and brought you our tops 5 picks of the best LED work lights available. So if you are looking for an efficient work light you can pick any of these.

1. Aennon LED Work Light Flashlight

Aennon LED Work Light Flashlight

This light is quite handy and it will be good to use around the house as you clean or fix things. You can also carry it during your outdoor adventures such as camping or you can have it in your emergency kit for those emergencies that require a light.

When you are working, this light will be good for those times you need to see details up close. The light has a hook that rotates at 360 degrees, two base magnets so that you can place it on surfaces and it also has a pivot that is adjustable so that you can focus your light at any point you want. The light has 5 LED bulbs and is bright with an illumination of 150 lumens.

2. Might-D-Light LED130 From Cooper Lighting

Might-D-Light LED130

This light is portable and can be folded so that you can carry it around easily. The light has a hinge that is resistant to tension allowing it to easily rotate at 200 degrees. The hinge also makes it easy to hook the light on a surface such as under the sink, cabinets, tables etc. for easy working.

The light has 80 LED light bulbs that are energy efficient and long lasting. The handle has an easily accessible on and off switch that makes it easy to turn on and off. The light is also very small in size making it easy to store. This light is cordless and is powered by rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries that can last up to 2 hours on continuous use. The package comes with the LED130 Might-D-Light work light, one AC adapter, one DC adapter and an instructional manual on how to operate the light.

3. Snap-on LED Work Light

Snap-on LED Work Light

This is probably one of the brightest work lights that you will find in the market. The light has an LED light bulb with an output of 2000 lumens. If you have a big work place such as a garage or a construction site, this is the light to go for.

Due to the LED incorporated technology, the light does not overheat as the bulb will not radiate heat. It is also safe to use as you work because it remains cool and therefore there is no risk of getting burns when holding it.

This light is also small and light making it easy to carry around if need be. This light is lightweight and provides easy mobility making it extremely easy to transport to job sites and move around when in use. The light is corded and comes with a 6 feet cord.

4. Designers Edge L1306 Workshop Lighting

Designers Edge L1306 Workshop Lighting

This light is especially useful for workshops. The light is portable and comes with LED bulbs and therefore you do not need to buy them separately. The light is corded and has a 6 feet 18/2 power cable. The light can be used both indoors and outdoors. The LED bulbs are very durable and can last up to 50,000 light hours or an equivalent of 30 years. The bulbs produce an output of upto 350 lumens which is quite good for both commercial and industrial use. The light’s cord is green in color making it highly visible and safe. The light is cool to touch and thus safe as it cannot cause any burns when held during use.

5. TEKTON 7476 LED Work light Set

TEKTON 7476 LED Work light Set

If your work place is dimly lit and you need something to brighten it up so that you can work more efficiently, you should get the TEKTON 2-Piece work light set. The light comes with 27 LED light bulbs and is suitable for people who do Do It Yourself projects, technicians, mechanics as well as contractors who most of the time need to focus on details as they work, meaning that good light is paramount. The set comes with a 2 in 1 24-LED light and a flashlight with 3 LED light bulbs.

The light has a hook that you can use to conveniently hang the light on a surface such as a wall and as well as a magnet so that you can place the light on metal surfaces. The light is powered by 3 triple A batteries that are included in the package. This means that you can start using your light immediately you unpack it. This is quite a handy set even for homeowners who need a compact light to find or fix things around the house.

Work lights are very handy and for those who work in industries where attention to detail is important they understand why a good light is a difference between a completed project and a stalled project. Getting an efficient work light is important and if you keep the above factors in mind when shopping for a light then you can be sure that you will not go wrong!