Owning a weapon these days is not really difficult, but of course you need to get a license for your weapon. The reasons for having a weapon vary from one person to another. You might have one for protection, for hunting or even for sporting purposes.

Whatever the reason for owning a weapon we are limited to using it well during the day when we can see. Unlike Smartphones, weapons don’t really come with a night flash light mode. Therefore, you will need to look for your own way to see during the night. The best way to do this is by purchasing a weapon flashlight that you can place on the weapon and go on with your activity.

Finding a good flashlight for your weapon is easy, but finding the best one for your weapon is not easy unless you know what exactly is perfect for you.

The purposes of having a flashlight on your weapon are so many. It all depends on the purpose you have for your weapon. The purposes include the following:

  • For house weapons that serve for protection the benefits is that you get to know whether the disturbance in the house is from an intruder or maybe your cat. In most cases, burglars come in the night and you will definitely need a flashlight to make sure you don’t hurt someone else instead of the burglar. The power of the flashlight is good enough to cause temporary blindness that you can use to scare aware the intruder without having to use the gun.
  • In other cases you might be out on a camping trip. Most cabins in the wild don’t really have the best protection from wild animals. Therefore, in case you compound is open, the flashlight on your weapon would come in handy in quickly identifying the animal and protecting yourself. Some small animal might even be rid off by just the flashlight’s light itself. Therefore, you can just flash it around and scare them off.
  • In case of you are a law enforcement officer, then you definitely need a flashlight for your gun. This is due to the fact that you cannot afford to second guess your targets when you go shooting at law offenders. The last thing you want to do is accidentally mistaken a civilian for your fugitive and end up killing an innocent person.

With all the above benefits of having a flashlight for your weapon, it would be good to get to know the various top notch flashlights available in the market at the moment. These include the following:

SureFire X300 LED Weaponlight

SureFire X300 LED Weaponlight

This is one of the most preferred weapon lights in the market today. The flashlight comes with 500 lumens. This is a very powerful light standard for your flashlight, it’s totally guaranteed to knock out the vision of your target. Mostly, it’s preferred for outdoor use. The flashlight receives a 4.8/5 rating despite the price being high. This is a good indicator that the quality is perfect. Lastly, you can easily switch it on with your dominant hand when you’re holding the weapon.

Streamlight 69260 Tactical Light

Streamlight 69260 Tactical Light

This model comes in second from the x300 and its price is relatively lower as well. However, in terms of performance, the flashlight comes in with 630 lumens. The power of such a flashlight cannot really be put into terms. The flashlight can be easily attached to a Picatinny or a handgun easily. It has a knob that you can easily crank to fasten. The only setback is that the flashlight can only work continuously for 1.25hours.

Nebo 5569 ProTec Elite High-powered Firearm Light

Nebo 5569 Firearm Light

This is one of the most recommended flashlights for indoor purposes. The flashlight comes with a 190 lumens power light. The lumens are low, but in an indoor setting they can do a very good job. The light is enough to blind intruder and even you if not carefully handled.

UTAC 200 Lumen Tactical LED Flashlight

UTAC 200 Lumen Tactical LED Flashlight

The flashlight comes in very handy for both indoor and outdoor use. This is due to the fact that it comes with 200 lumens power light. This is enough for any small activities you may want to carry out with your gun. The price of the flashlight is also nice and cheap for you. The only reported setback is that the quick release feature is not at its best.

Flashlights for shotguns

LED WeaponLight for Shotguns w/7 3/4 “ Forend tube

This flashlight is more suitable for indoor use. It comes with 200 lumens power. The only drawback is that the flashlight assembly onto the shotgun is quite difficult. You need to know your way around your shotgun to know how to be creative in fixing it.

The flashlight comes with 15 lumens and is suitable for your rifle.

What to look for in a weapon flashlight

  • Type of weapon

Of course the flashlight is for mounting onto the weapon. Therefore, you need to ensure that it will be able to fit onto the weapon easily.

  • Lumens

The lumens determine the power of the flashlight. The higher the lumens, the more the power of the flashlight. In case you are looking to use your flashlight indoors, you need a flashlight within a range of 100-200 lumens. In case it’s for outdoors, you will need one with more than that.

  • Budget

The amount of money you have in your savings will definitely determine the type of flashlight you need. You should buy a flashlight within your budget range so that you don’t get constrained afterwards.

  • Weight and functionality

This is mostly if you are careful to detail. You should find a flashlight that you can easily light in case of an emergency. The weight should not matter a lot, but you can opt for a lighter one so that you don’t tire hen holding up the weapon.