The Comprehensive Guide to Choose Best Flashlights

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Having the right flashlight when you do not have any other light source is the best thing ever but woe unto you if you don’t have a good flashlight, you shall have a terrible time. So how do you choose the best flashlight? Here is the most comprehensive guide you’ll ever need.

How to Choose a Flashlight

Before you whip out your wallet to pay for a flashlight, even before you go out shopping for a flashlight, decide why you need a flashlight. Ask yourself, “How I’m I going to use this flashlight?” Your answer will greatly influence the type of flashlight you’ll get. Once you’ve decided on the use look out for the following things as you choose a flashlight.

  • Number of Lumens

Number of Lumens

Check the package or product description for the number of lumens that the flashlight has. Lumens are very important as they are the unit of measure indicating the amount of light produced by the flashlight. The higher the number of lumens a flashlight has the brighter the flashlight will be. Your flashlight does not necessarily need to be the brightest in the market but depending on your use, anything around 50-100 lumens will be good for most purposes such as every day around the house use, outdoor activities such as camping and so on.

  • Type of Light Bulb

Type of Light Bulb

There are different types of light bulbs including incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs and LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs. All these bulbs are good, but the LED bulbs have been proven to be of higher efficiency than the rest. What you need to consider when choosing the bulb are the efficiency and durability.

  • Battery Type

Efficient Battery

There are different types of batteries that work with flashlights. Some have inbuilt batteries while others require external batteries. Some batteries are also rechargeable. When it comes to batteries the most important thing is how long the battery can hold the charge.

  • Size of the Flashlight

Size of the Flashlight

Size is another important factor to consider when choosing a torch. You don’t want a torch that is too big that it gets in your way as you use it and also you don’t want a torch that is too small it produces very little light.

  • Durability

The strength of your flashlight in terms of durability is very important more so if you are going to be using the touch often. It is important that your torch is water resistant, corrosion resistant, shock proof and scratch proof. A metal or aluminum torch will be able to resist harsh weather conditions and constant use more than a plastic torch. Durability is important because you do not want to keep going back to the shop to buy new torches over and over again.

Understanding Your Flashlight Choices

There are different flashlights available in the market. They are all different in size, make, functionality, and price and so on. For a first-time owner, you may get pretty confused with all the models available. The important thing is to first understand the flashlight choices available. The key factors that determine a flashlight choice is the flashlight light output, the size/weight of the torch and the battery type as already discussed.

The Best Flashlight Must Have Features

Efficient Light Bulb

Efficient Light Bulb 1

A good flashlight must have an efficient light. This means that the light bulb should produce the most optimal brightness without draining the battery too fast. The light bulb should also be durable and resistant to the impact of extended use. The light bulb should also be long lasting in terms of run time. A good choice of a bulb with all these qualities is an LED light bulb. Most LEDs have a runtime of as much as 100,000 light years, they practically never run out.

Efficient Battery


The other must have is an efficient battery. Whether this is inbuilt, external, rechargeable or non-rechargeable it doesn’t matter as long as it is efficient. Get a battery that is long lasting and one that produces optimal brightness. Imagine if every time you use your flashlight it runs out of battery after just a few minutes of use. That’s practically a useless flashlight. Go for a battery that will guarantee you at the very least 1 hour for uninterrupted use. Remember you can always achieve more battery time if you use your torch on as little brightness as necessary because the brighter your torch shines the faster it will run out of charge.

Adjustable Beam

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It is important that you have a torch with an adjustable beam. What this means is that you can adjust the beam to illuminate a wide area so that you have a wide and bright beam and adjust it again to a narrow and less bright beam if you want to illuminate objects close to you. A good torch should also have multiple modes to help you save on battery and also to offer you different levels of brightness for using different scenarios. This way you don’t have to buy different torches with different lumens. Get a torch that has at least three modes, the maximum mode, the low mode and the strobe.

Switch Options

Switch Options

A good flashlight must have convenient on and off switch options. The method you use to turn your torch on and off and the location of the on/off button is important as it determines how convenient your torch will be to use. There are three common switch options. The tail click switch option allows you to switch your flashlight on and off using just one hand. The twist top option requires you to twist the head of the torch separately from its body. Unlike the tail click, the twist top requires the use of both hands. This switch option is normally common in keychain flashlights. With a side click switch option, the on/off button is on the side of the flashlight’s body and you use your thumb to press the button. It is handy for one hand use.

The cost

The cost of flashlights varies and is determined by all the factors discussed above. The smaller flashlights cost around $20-$50 while the top notch brands can cost around $30-$200. These prices are fully dependent on brightness and functionality of the flashlight.

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How to Buy Discount or Cheap Flashlights

If you want to find discounts on good flashlights or you are looking for the cheapest options the best place to look would be online. Online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon normally offer competitive prices for various flashlights. Some manufacturers also offer discount coupons for online shoppers. No matter where you buy your flashlight do not let cost compromise on quality.