The Features Of Best USB Rechargeable Flashlight

USB Rechargeable Flashlight 3

Having a rechargeable flashlight is an advantage because it means you can charge your torch using electricity when it is not in use. This saves you money that you would otherwise use on buying replaceable batteries.

Now having a USB rechargeable flashlight is a double advantage because it means that you have more charging options. With a USB-chargeable flashlight, it means that you can plug it into any device with a USB port such as a laptop, computer, portable power bank etc.

The Must-have features of a USB Rechargeable Torch

1. Dual Power Options

With a USB rechargeable torch, you have two power sources. You can choose to use USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery that comes with a torch or you can use the normal AA batteries.

2. Four Brightness Levels

Most rechargeable torches have four brightness levels that you can adjust to depending on how you intend to use the torch.

  • There is turbo level that produces about 550 lumens and can last for up to 45 minutes runtime.
  • The high level produces 81 lumens and can last for 4 hours runtime.
  • The medium level produces 18 Lumens and can last up to 11.5 hours.
  • The last level is low which produces 7 Lumens and can last for 23 hours.

3. Battery Chargeable Internally

The USB charge cord that comes with such torches enables you to charge your battery internally without having to remove it from the flashlight. This helps a lot especially if you are using a torch for the first time and you do not know how to detach the battery from the torch.

4. Charging Indicator Light

USB rechargeable torches normally have a charging indicator light. When the light indicator turns red it means that it is charging and it will keep blinking twice every second. If the red light stops blinking it means that the battery is fully charged. If it is blinking rapidly it means that the battery is not charging and you should check what the problem is.

Usefulness of a USB Rechargeable Flashlight

These flashlights function like any other type of flashlight the only difference is in the way they are charged. While other torches require you to replace the batteries once they are dead or charge them using an electrical power source, USB rechargeable torches can be easily charged using any USB enabled device. These torches can be used by anyone, but they are mostly very efficient for law enforcers, military, rescue teams, medical personnel etc. who require their torches to be constantly on.

The Cost

USB rechargeable torches have varying prices depending on the model and on the manufacturer. Price will be determined by the battery efficiency, bulb type and the light output of the torch. These type of torches tend to be a bit costly than other torches due to their convenience.

The Advantages

USB rechargeable battery will normally recharge to full in about 2 hours. Not too bad!

USB rechargeable flashlights offer convenience and flexibility in charging options. With a USB connector, you can quickly recharge your torch from a USB port in a computer or a vehicle as you drive to your destination. You can also simply plug it into a wall socket while you are at home.

Top 5 USB Rechargeable Flashlight You Should Buy

1. Cynergy Home Emergency Flashlight

Cynergy Home Emergency Flashlight

Price:[amazonprice id=”5″]

This is an excellent product to have while you are on the road. Worth the money, I would recommend this product.

2. Etekcity 3 Modes Adjustable Focus LED Flashlight

Etekcity 3 Modes Adjustable Focus LED Flashlight

Price: [amazonprice id=”6″]

This was well priced, I haven’t used it yet. The package arrived on time and was well protected. this was the best price of many similar types of this product.

3. OxyLED® MD50 Cree 500 Lumen Bright LED Flashlight

OxyLED® MD50 Cree 500 Lumen Bright LED Flashlight

Price: [amazonprice id=”7″]

Super bright and very durable.

Big things in small packages.

Good price for a durable light.

4. Refun Tactical Light

Refun Tactical Light

Sale: [amazonprice id=”8″]

Wow, talk about BRIGHT! We’ll see how long it lasts. I have spent $125+ on flashlights 3x it’s size and the not even half it’s brightness. Good buy!

5. NiteCore LED 960 Lumens USB Rechargeable Flashlight

NiteCore LED 960 Lumens USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Price: [amazonprice id=”9″]

In our line of work the flashlight is one of the most important tools we use, this thing is awesome and so bright! Love it!