TrustFire LED 1000 Lumen Flashlight Review

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The C8 T6 5 model of Trustfire XML – a well-known brand of flashlight provides a high-output 1,000-lumen beam because it comes with LED technology. If you’re seeking for a tactical mount, just buy a rubber mount as an extra.

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In-depth Review of TrustFire XML C8-T6 5-Mode CREE

TrustFire LED 1000 Lumen Flashlight 2If you already own some products that take 18650 batteries then this is certainly a worthwhile product. But if you do not, be ready to spend an additional $20-$25 for 18650 batteries and a charger. I have a small Fenix flashlight that is 1/4 this size, only takes 1 AAA battery and is brighter than this flashlight.

If they would’ve advertised is as 100 or even 150 lumens, I would’ve not been so disappointed. Also, every time you turn it off and back on it cycles through one of the 5 stages (3 brightness levels and 2 blinking speeds). For $5 you won’t be disappointed as long you factor in that this is about 1/10 as bright as they are claiming. But, for $10-$15 more, you can get a much better and brighter flashlight that uses AA or AAA batteries.

Top 5 Main Features

  • Supporting Multifunction mode: Low, Moderate and High, and two kinds of blinking functions
  • A good grip and a sturdy power button bring the handy and compact
  • Very bright light using 1000 lumens
  • Separate rubber mounting
  • You will get the cheap kind of illumination

Quick Features

  • Size: 6.3 (length) x 0.9 x 1.7 inches
  • Weight: 6.9 ounces
  • Battery Type: AA, AAA, and with customization, rechargeable batteries
  • Power/Lumens: 1000 lumens
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Mount: Rubber and can also be used in flashlights with 23 to 25 mm diameter and a 360-degree swivel head pedestal. Mount is sold separately and is easy to install.

The Design

TrustFire LED 1000 Lumen Flashlight 1The affordable flashlight comes with good design. The force switch is found at the base and has a defensive elastic top. It can take some unpleasant taking care of. Its size is sufficiently little to fit in your jean pocket and the grasp is durable. Then again, there have been protests of DOA or electric lamps that don’t work at all upon receipt, tidy in the internal lens and the long sit tight for the shipment to arrive.


TrustFire LED 1000 Lumen Flashlight 3 The LED technology help this flashlight has the ability to power 1000 lumens. And it can reach more than 50 yards easily on high mode using the beam. But the light beam will be struggled at 250 yards and it will be a washed-out appearance.

The batteries will last for two hours if we keep it in a high mode, in some case of your power source, maybe less. Remember, this is definitely not a night sports flashlight or a hunting flashlight. But do not worry, it is still working very well even you try to swing the flashlight side to side or up to down.

There is no wavering of the beams or rattling. It has O-ring seals, but the assembly of the lens is not water-tight. And the flashlight has waterproof features or water resistant. Furthermore, it has 5 modes: Low, Medium, High, and the blinking combinations.

Trust Fire is by and large great, however, gets exceptionally blended client surveys with the quantity of individuals content with the item about equivalent to the quantity of purchasers who feel they ought to have purchased something else. The primary issue is desired being not quite the same as what the electric lamp can give. As an enlightenment gadget, it lives up to expectations incredible yet in the event that you attempting to change it to act as an adornment for your bicycle or a connection to recreational gear, you may encounter issues.


TrustFire flashlight 0

This TrustFire can work with the general AA, AAA, or the 3.7 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries. On the other hand, with the rechargeable batteries you will need to do a little change utilizing calipers (there are DIY directions online).

Brightest flashlight I had for a while then one of the wires just broke off inside but think it might have been because of my batteries. I recommend the button top batteries in this flashlight, the ones I used had like a vent hole where the wire actually went into constantly so It eventually broke off.

Good flashlight overall. I ordered one that is great so I ordered a 2nd which is less bright and slightly different than the 1st one. Both are worth the price, especially with the charger. The front has some edges that could be used in a self-defense situation yet dull enough to not cut you. This is the nice size to fit in hand yet very bright for its size. I plan to keep buying these when I need more items to get free shipping from Amazon.

The Good

  • Bright for how small; handheld.
  • The button is nice.
  • 3 settings that are easy to control ( strobe and constant beam)
  • Batteries and moderate in price and a bargain if you recharge.
  • It’s a compact size and has great strength for lighting.
  • Can not beat this light for the price!
  • SUPER BRIGHT little compact light and they last long on rechargeable batteries.
  • So small but so powerful. It even flashes S O S
  • So well built. Hangs with my Fenix and Surefire lights. Left outside, been under water (many times), durable, solid, bright as the mess, really a GREAT light for the price.
  • The lights are very focused and mainly for long range use
  • Fast shipping product
  • Great building materials feels nice
  • Extremely cheap

The Bad

  • This flashlight is awesome, but you must order the rechargeable batteries and charger to go with it as it drains regular batteries to quickly.
  • Bought 2 and they are a little different (both similar enough and worth the money)
  • Lumens below described number
  • Head of the flashlight is a little bigger than I like but not a deal breaker

Why Should You Buy It?

Not a bad light at all has a very narrow beam that is pretty bright however my J5 Tactical which is rated around 300 lumens is much brighter than this one. No way this light is a 1000 lumen with that being said this ad needs to be changed to reflect. Technically is false advertising when you advertize a product does something that it clearly does not do.

Anyway the light isn’t a bad light. Pretty strong construction, Has a very narrow restricted beam. If you know what you are looking for in a dark situation this light would be great but in a situation where you are searching for someone or something your gonna need a different light because of the narrow beam

This light is awesome. It is attached to my airsoft rifle and it looks and performs amazingly. I ordered a 4pack of batteries and after I’ve tested them all, I will order more of these flashlights and some pressure switches.


Great flashlight!! A good price and it is very bright. Just remember to order batteries when you order the flashlight. They arrived on time and I’m great condition. A product I would highly Redmond!’

Love this light, after purchasing the first one and saw how well it worked for 6 months, I purchased 5 more, for my vehicles and work. I highly recommend this model, you won’t be disappointed. Note: do not flash on strobe at possum at night. They don’t like it, trust me, I know.

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