UltraFire WF502B Flashlight CREE XM-L T6 LED Review

UltraFire WF502B Flashlight 6

If you are still looking for an impressive, affordable flashlight offering up to 1,000 lumen output, the UltraFire WF 502B might be a best choice for you. But you need to be wise while buying this product because there are many fake UltraFire that are being sold from China. Of course, many companies try to protect its brand aggressively and advising customers accordingly.

This genuine flashlight has modern esthetics and a smooth finish. It comes with an impressive beam although the light flood is a little too spread out. There are 5 available modes that can be sold as a kit with a rechargeable battery and other accessories like the tactical mount and charger. Surely you will enjoy this handy battery because of a strong beam. Definitely, good value for your money.

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In-depth Review Of UltraFire WF502B

Top 5 Main Features

  1. Using anodized CREE XML T6 LED bulb allows to get 1000 lumen that have a lifespan of 100,000 hours
  2. 900+ lumen mode to make Battery life of several hours
  3. Water resistant
  4. Aluminum alloy casing
  5. 5 Output Modes: Low, Medium, High, SOS, Strobe

Physical Features


Body Diameter is 24mm, Head Diameter is 32mm and Length is 132mm


The details are 4 ounces with no battery and 5.6 ounces with battery. If Shipping, Weight with battery approximately is 10.6 ounces

Battery Type:

18650 3.7 volt Lithium


40 lumen at low output, 400 lumen is medium output and 1000 lumen at high output

Body Material:

Aluminum alloy casing


Tactical mount

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The UltraFire line of flashlights was developed by Wha Fat Technological Company, Limited – the company established in 1995 in Hongkong with annual revenues of US$1 million. They have been selling their products in over 15 countries. Their product – WF502B flashlight has been copied much of copycats from China.

Illumination tools

UltraFire WF502B Flashlight 2

Like all UltraFire illumination tools, this WF502B also has some good features, such as reliable, rugged, handy, and very compact. Till 2014, it is being sold as the brightest compact flashlight with 1000 lumens from an upgraded CREE XML T6 LED bulb from Ultralight.


UltraFire WF502B Flashlight 3

Because of the aluminum design, Lens O-ring and Tail Cap seals, it is weatherproof. You can buy separately, such as a flashlight, or the kit that comes with a charger or a battery pack.

There are two modes that you can use:

  1. first is full clicks serving as the power button
  2. a second is a half click on the flashlight’s tail switch

The flashlight has a mode memory so even after you switch it off, it will recall the last mode utilized once you switch it back on.

The WF502B has 5 modes are SOS, Strobe, 40 lumen, 400 lumen, and the brightest at 1000 lumen. The strobe mode is slower than normal which is ideal for the individuals who have a tendency to get aggravated by a snappy strobe recurrence.

Should You buy It?

UltraFire WF502B Flashlight 5I’ve only had this one day, but so far it has performed flawlessly. This model does not have a port for charging, which I found problematic with the other CREE flashlights I have (since you now must leave the flashlight tied to the wall plug and can’t use it). Having a separate charger is nice, since now you can swap batteries and keep going. I charged up both batteries and they seem to hold a charge well.

I don’t think I fully charged the first one since I took it out at 4hrs, which I thought was sufficient, but others here say it is supposed to take 6hrs. There were NO instructions with the light, so you have to do a bit of trial and error.

There are three power settings, and two specialty (fast strobe, and S.O.S Morse code).

The brightest setting started to fade after about an hour (but remember I may not have fully charged the battery), so I’m allowing it might last about 1.5 hours (with a 6 hour charge). I have not tried timing the other settings (medium, and low brightness).

The flashlight is solid and sturdy. The central beam casts an approx. 18″ spot at 10 feet. The softer “floodlight” portion is brighter than most, so it can effectively light a room by pointing it at the ceiling. My wife was commenting that it actually did a slightly better job of lighting the corners of the room than the 3 x 15W CFL floor lamp. I can see this as an adequate light for power failures, even for room lighting (although for only short periods of time).

It is not a “long-distance” light for the very reason it is an adequate floodlight. The beam has a wide field, which is what I wanted since I already have several narrow field lights with similar power. I will add more at a later date if I have problems, but for now, I think this is a very good value.


Brighter than the Streamlight I was issued for duty. Find this is my go-to light now with the Streamlight being back up. So far no problems, batteries do well, light is nicely constructed. Charger says “camcorder charger” on it, but I think it’s universal. Takes awhile to get to you but worth the wait. Will be ordering more.

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